Hotel Schönwald

I-39037 Valles (BZ), South Tyrol
Phone: +39 0472 547 129
Fax: +39 0472 541 221
VAT-ID: 012345678912

Dear Sir or Madam,

we would like to inform you that the owner of the Hotel Schönwald is limiting the use of personal data for the following ends: to send promotional e-mails and mail, to abide by the regulations of the Italian law, the fulfillment of possible contractual duties regarding the person concerned, to protect demands and to administer liabilities. The company guarantees within the legal framework that the processing of personal data is done in consideration of the fundamental rights and freedoms as well as the personal dignity of the person concerned, with special regard on the obligation to secrecy, the personal identity and the right of protection of personal data. Your personal data will be forwarded only with respect to the above mentioned objectives to the following institutions/persons: 

  • to public administration and authorities if this is provided by law

  • credit institutions that have financial ties to our company, for the administration of claims and liabilities as well as for intermediary financial services

  • to all those natural and/or judicial, public and/or private entities (legal advice, financial accountant and administrative bureaus, judicial court, chamber of commerce, etc.), if forwarding personal data becomes necessary or if it is helpful for our activity in the above stated manner with corresponding objectives.

The processing of data can be carried out with or without electronic help, in any case in an automated manner, and it includes all necessary processes that are provided in article 4, paragraph 1, letter a) of the decree no. 198, 30 of June 2003. In any case, the processing of data will be carried out in concordance with all security measures that ensure security and secrecy.

Legislative decree no. 196/2003, art. 7 – The right of access to personal data and other rights:

  1. The concerned person has the right to be informed if there are personal data concerning this person, even if they have not yet been saved; moreover he/she has the right that these data are communicated to him/her in a feasible manner.

  2. The concerned person has the right to be informed about

    1. the provenance of the personal data;

    2. the end and the modalities of their processing;

    3. the applied system, if the data are electronically processed;

    4. the most important data that identify the copyright holder, legal responsible and his/her nominated representative according to art. 5 paragraph 2;

    5. the persons or categories of persons that may be addressee of the personal data or the nominated representatives, legal responsible entities or commissioned individuals within the state territory that may become aware of the personal data.

  3. The concerned person has the right,

    1. to demand an update, correction, or, if so inclined, the supplementation of ones personal data;

    2. to demand that unlawfully processed personal data is deleted, anonymized or held inaccessible; this concerns also data whose storage is not necessary regarding the ends to which they were surveyed or later processed;

    3. to obtain a confirmation about the process described under the letters a) and b), also concerning their content if that does not result to be impossible or if the expense of means is unjustifiably high in proportion to the protected right.

  4. The concerned person has the right to completely or partly

    1. oppose the processing of personal data of their concern due to legitimate reasons even if these data correspond to the end of collection;

    2. oppose the processing of personal data of their concern if this processing has the end of sending promotional material or direct selling, market research, opinion research or commercial communication.

The objective rights may be claimed according to art. 7 of the legislative decree by the person concerned or a legal representative via a request directed at the legal representative. The holder of data processing is:

Hotel Schönwald
I-39037 Valles, Rio di Pusteria (BZ)
Legal representative: Mr. Konrad Fischnaller